Live! Sing A Cappella – Ohio

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Sing A Cappella – Ohio is LIVE!

Welcome to Sing A Cappella – Ohio!  This site aims to be the hub for anything related to contemporary A Cappella within Ohio.  This site is designed around the needs and uses of the community so it will only be useful if the community uses it.

So what can you do on this site and to help out?  If you are involved in A Cappella or just really love it, register!  Individuals and Groups that register will have the ability to make blog posts and event listings of things going on their area.  This is a great way to blast out to the rest of the community what is going on.

This site also has links to other contemporary A Cappella Resources such as the Contemporary A Cappella Soceity (CASA) or ACA Tunes.  For other resources check out the Community page.

When a group registers, they are immediately listed in the relevant pages of High School, College or Professional.


As the site and community grows, Sing A Cappella – Ohio looks to be on the for-front and help individuals, groups, or anyone, become more aware of the contemporary A Cappella scene in Ohio!