Sheet Music

Arrangements posted here are free of charge to use!  Use of the arrangements are subject to the following conditions:

1) When per­formed, cred­it for the arrangement(s) must always be giv­en back to the orig­i­nal arranger(s).
2)  You are free to print the arrangement(s), but are not per­mit­ted to sell them.

3)  Any mod­i­fi­ca­tions made to the arrange­ment must be made avail­able pub­licly on either, and/or  Cred­it or ref­er­ence must also be made on the arrange­ment back to the orig­i­nal arranger.



I’m Not That Girl — From “Wicked” — SATB

The Bless­ing — From “Celtic Woman” — SSAA



If you would like to sub­mit an arrange­ment, please send it to nick[at]singacaohio[dot]org .  Be sure to check out Casa’s arrange­ment library!