Stuff and Happenings!

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Not a big update, but…

1)  Camp A-Cappella is one week away!  So much awesomeness about to go down next week.  Check out the Facebook Page for updates and info!

2)  Free Arrangements!  After enough hemming-and-hawing about whether or not I wanted to call them complete, I finally just threw in the towel.  I am sure I will tweak them and change them around, but now they are free for the world to do whatever they want.  Head over to the Sheet Music page to download them!

Now, back to your original programming.

6 Lessons

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Some interesting notes on VocalBlog from things learned at the London A Cappella Festival (LACF).  Check it out!

Buckeye Vocal Academy!

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From the Buckeye Vocal Academy page:

Buckeye Vocal Academy is Ohio State’s one day vocal music emersion experience.  Hosted by The Ohio State University at Marion, in partnership with the historic Marion Palace Theatre, and The Ohio State University School of Music, Buckeye Vocal Academy is designed for high school, collegiate, and semi-professional vocal ensembles (choral, contemporary a cappella, vocal jazz, show choir).

The goal of Buckeye Vocal Academy is to bring together those who share a passion for vocal music:  singers, music educators, and music professionals from across the state of Ohio to network and share valuable techniques and tools to improve the performance value of your vocal music group.

For more information, head over to to http://www.osumarion.osu.edu/buckeye-vocal-academy !

Starting a High School A Cappella Group

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Neat article over at CASA about starting a High School A Cappella group.  Check it out!