Mister Tim is coming to Ohio

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The first of many posts this week; Mis­ter Tim!


Mister Tim


The extremely tal­ented and mul­ti­fac­eted Mis­ter Tim will trav­el­ing through Ohio in May!  In addi­tion to his already sched­uled show at Mace­do­nia High School, he is look­ing for other coach­ing and/or per­for­mance oppor­tu­ni­ties around the state.  The dates he is avail­able cur­rently are May 13–15, 18–22

If you are a school or group and would like some coach­ing, or a venue that would like to book Mis­ter Tim for a show, you can send him an email [email protected].  If you need more direct con­tact, please send me an email and I can pro­vide more direct con­tact information.

In the mean­time, be sure to check out his videos!

Still around!

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So I got an email ear­lier this week ask­ing if we were still around since there haven’t been many posts or updates to the site or Face­book page since last sum­mer. Good news; Yes, we are still active! Bad news; I ate all my pizza-rolls so now I am post­ing this. :-)

Last year was a busy year for me per­son­ally so keep­ing tabs on all that was going on was a bit much. I mean, I at least should have posted some­thing about Pitch Per­fect (aca-i’m-sorry!).

Any­way, this year looks like it has a lot going for A Cap­pella and many good things in Ohio. While I am not going to say I will have more time than last year, I will say I am going to make more of an effort to post things more often. Be on look out specif­i­cally this week for a hand­ful of posts and news arti­cles because at least one will be pretty awesome.

In the mean­time, here is an arti­cle that popped up in my news feed thanks to Deke Sharon. While I won’t admit to how many of them I per­son­ally can attest to, it is funny none-the-less.


If you have some­thing you ques­tions or some­thing to share, send us a mes­sage on our Face­book page or send me an email: [email protected] !

A Cappella Books!

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Books on A Cap­pella?!  Yup.

The founders of The A Cap­pella Blog are embark­ing on a project to write a book about every­thing A Cap­pella.  It will include every­thing from vocal per­cus­sion, to com­pe­ti­tions and record­ing.  But there is a catch:  They need to reach a pledge goal of at least $2,000 by March 26th if they are going to embark on this amaz­ing project.  Head over to their Kick­starter page and make a pledge today!

Also, for those that may be new to the Aca scene, you should also check out Pitch Per­fect.  While it’s focus is about col­lege com­pe­ti­tion world, it is a great read for any­one with any inter­est in A Cap­pella.  Did we men­tion that it is also being made into a movie set to be released this year?!  Even if you don’t want to buy it (which you should), it has been found in Libraries, so go check it out.

Live Music Meets High Speed Networks

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While you won’t be able to do this from your home, the advance­ments in dig­i­tal net­work­ing are bring­ing about some amaz­ing oppor­tu­ni­ties for real-time col­lab­o­ra­tion.  While video chat­ting is noth­ing major as we have all used Skype, researchers are re-thinking what it means to have have real-time col­lab­o­ra­tion.  Tak­ing into account what the time it takes for the human brain to actu­ally process acousti­cal infor­ma­tion, they have finally cre­ate a method that is extremely close to real time.  Meet LOLA (LOw Latency Audio).


Meetup Photos

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Sorry for the delay, but.…. Pho­tos are up from Octo­ber!  Go here to view them

A quick thanks to KDB Eas­ton for let­ting us use the venue and Levi Kill of View Eight for tak­ing photos!