Camp A Cappella to be hosted at The Ohio State University

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Two posts in one day?!  Just too excit­ed and need­ed to share.


One of the largest names in con­tem­po­rary A Cap­pel­la, Deke Shar­ron, is team­ing up with Ohios’ Brody McDon­ald to bring a week-full camp of aca-awe­some­ness.  What will there be to learn that week­end?  Just about every­thing aca-relat­ed.

While its pri­ma­ry focus is for any­one aged 14 to 18, there is even an option to reg­is­ter as a Direc­tor if you are over 18.

What are you still doing read­ing this?!  Go check it out and be sure to tell oth­ers.  Did I men­tion there is a refer­ral dis­count if you sign-up and get a friend to signup?!

When:  June 11th to 15th, 2013Where:  The Ohio State Uni­ver­si­ty — Colum­bus Cam­pus
Who: Ages 14–18, and 18+
Cost:  Find out!

If you have any ques­tions, head to their Con­tact Page.  Be sure to check­out their Face­book page for all the lat­est updates, includ­ing who the Coun­selors will be.

Wooster Jam!

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While not direct­ly and only A Cap­pel­la, Woost­er Jam! is just about two weeks out.  All kinds of music awe­some­ness will be hap­pen­ing on Sat­ur­day, April 13th at the Wayne Coun­ty Fair­grounds.  In addi­tion to all of the music-awe­some­ness, there an A Cap­pel­la com­pe­ti­tion, dubbed Voice­Fest from 2pm to 6pm!

For more infor­ma­tion, check out their site, Face­book page, and fol­low them on Twit­ter!

Mister Tim is coming to Ohio

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The first of many posts this week; Mis­ter Tim!


Mister Tim


The extreme­ly tal­ent­ed and mul­ti­fac­eted Mis­ter Tim will trav­el­ing through Ohio in May!  In addi­tion to his already sched­uled show at Mace­do­nia High School, he is look­ing for oth­er coach­ing and/or per­for­mance oppor­tu­ni­ties around the state.  The dates he is avail­able cur­rent­ly are May 13–15, 18–22

If you are a school or group and would like some coach­ing, or a venue that would like to book Mis­ter Tim for a show, you can send him an email [email protected].  If you need more direct con­tact, please send me an email and I can pro­vide more direct con­tact infor­ma­tion.

In the mean­time, be sure to check out his videos!

Midwest A Cappella Festival

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Mark your cal­en­dars:  Octo­ber 19th — 21st!  The mid­wests sec­ond-largest A Cap­pel­la Fes­ti­val takes place in Chica­go with an incred­i­ble line­up of artists to per­form on top the amaz­ing work­shops and com­pe­ti­tions that will be going on!  Head to the site and Face­book page for more details!

Buck That! — A Day To Remember

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Sat­ur­day, Feb­ru­ary 25th, 2012 was a day that Buck That! would not soon for­get.  I had the plea­sure and hon­or of fol­low­ing them in most of their day long, soon to be epic jour­ney, as they embarked on ded­i­cat­ing the day doing what they love: Singing.

The day began at nine in the morn­ing as they all met up in the lob­by of Weigel Hall at The Ohio State Uni­ver­si­ty.  One by one they strag­gled in, greet­ing each oth­er with excite­ment and nerves.  While envi­sion­ing what their day was to encom­pass, they did not lose sight of each of the three major events that await­ed them.

Their first stop was at ten, at the Renais­sance Hotel in Down­town Colum­bus, Ohio where they were set to audi­tion for America’s Got Tal­ent.  This wasn’t a typ­i­cal open audi­tion; this was a closed audi­tion they were specif­i­cal­ly invit­ed to.

Once there, they found the per­son in charge and began the pro­ce­dure that was laid out; Paper­work, ID’s, series of ques­tions, and then wait­ing for their turn to audi­tion.

Walk­ing in the room, the judges were straight ahead with only a small faux wood dance floor in the cen­ter sep­a­rat­ing the audi­tion­ers from Buck That!.  Imme­di­ate­ly upon look­ing at this, they real­ized that per­haps their per­for­mance was not typ­i­cal of most as it was much small­er than what was need­ed for their chore­og­ra­phy.

This was no deter­rent.  They took to the faux dance floor and ran through a mod­i­fied ver­sion of “It’s Gonna Be Me”.  The judges asked them if they had anoth­er song that they might be able to see, so with­out hes­i­ta­tion, the guys got into posi­tion and sang “Poi­son”, by Bell Biv DeVoe. The judges con­tin­ued to ask them a num­ber of ques­tions in an attempt to under­stand the his­to­ry and sto­ry behind the group.  After the sim­plis­tic drill of ques­tions and answers, the guys thanked the judges and those hold­ing the audi­tions for their time, and Buck That! exit­ed to con­tin­ue on the next leg of their jour­ney.

Buck That! was now on their way to Ket­ter­ing Fair­mont High School (home to the renowned Eleventh Hour) to com­pete in the one com­pe­ti­tion that is cov­et­ed by all col­lege A Cap­pel­la groups:  The Inter­na­tion­al Cham­pi­onship of Col­le­giate A Cap­pel­la, also known as the ICCA’s.

Hav­ing been accept­ed into the ICCA com­pe­ti­tion ear­li­er this year, amongst the deep­est pool of entries the ICCA has ever received, they had already accom­plished more than any oth­er offi­cial A Cap­pel­la group from The Ohio State Uni­ver­si­ty.  Buck That!, for the first time, would be com­pet­ing in the equiv­a­lent to the first round of a play-off for col­le­giate A Cap­pel­la.

The quar­ter­fi­nal is the first step along a could-be path for any group that com­petes.  Each of the regions, North­east, South, Mid-Atlantic, Mid­west and West, all have a series of com­pe­ti­tions to bring about the best groups from all over the coun­try.  The top two win­ners of each region­al quar­ter­fi­nal then go on to com­pete at the region­al semi­fi­nal.  Then, only the over­all win­ner of the region­al semi­fi­nal is pro­vid­ed the oppor­tu­ni­ty to com­pete for the title in New York City.

Once at Ket­ter­ing, they checked in with the region­al pro­duc­er to receive their instruc­tions on what to do next.  They were shown to their room where they could place their stuff and begin prepar­ing for the sound check.  As they sat down their items and began to pre­pare for what lay ahead, it began to final­ly sink in what real­ly was about to hap­pen.

Hav­ing only been around a lit­tle over a year, Buck That! is the first offi­cial group to rep­re­sent The Ohio State Uni­ver­si­ty at the ICCA’s.  Despite The Ohio State University’s stand­ing nation­al­ly as one of the largest schools, and in the Big Ten regard­ing every­thing else that it does, it was not until 2009 that A Cap­pel­la sprung to life on cam­pus; going from one group, the MeshugaN­otes, to nine groups in less than four years.  They are quick­ly becom­ing an equiv­a­lent rival in Col­le­giate A Cap­pel­la to some of the best uni­ver­si­ties in the Mid­west, such as the Uni­ver­si­ty of Up North.

Soon after Buck That! got set­tled into their room, it was time for an ICCA meet­ing with the folks from Var­si­ty Vocals on the rules and pro­ce­dures.  As all the groups began enter­ing the room with their var­i­ous match­ing jack­ets, polos, blaz­ers, and uni­forms, it was clear that Buck That! was amidst the elite in their region. After a brief­ing on the rules, a rep­re­sen­ta­tive from each group went on stage to draw a num­ber, which would deter­mine the per­for­mance order. Buck That!’s pres­i­dent, D.W. Routte, drew a piece of paper and opened it to see “6” writ­ten. This meant Buck That! would be open­ing the sec­ond half of the show, an excel­lent draw for them.

After the draw, Buck That! went around intro­duc­ing them­selves and meet­ing oth­er groups they had only pre­vi­ous heard about, fill­ing the time until their short, ten minute sound check.  Just as they were real­ly mak­ing sure their set and sound was ready, their time was up.  All they could do now is wait.

Thir­ty min­utes before the show began, they sat among their room talk­ing and prepar­ing them­selves men­tal­ly for the event.  Their set was not until the sec­ond half, but they still con­tin­ued to talk and go over items as if they were on in two min­utes.

The show began at eight.  The first half was full of enter­tain­ment as mul­ti­ple groups got to per­form their pre­pared twelve minute set.  Full of rock songs and bal­lads, with every­thing from Adele to a mod­i­fied (and hilar­i­ous) ver­sion of Mr. Grinch, the audi­ence showed their equal and joined sup­port after each set with the expect­ed amount of applause.  This went on for a lit­tle over an hour and at nine-fif­teen, the first round of groups had com­plet­ed and a brief inter­mis­sion began.

Dur­ing the inter­mis­sion, Buck That!quick­ly exit­ed the audi­to­ri­um after watch­ing their fel­low com­peti­tors take the stage and head­ed straight for the warm-up room, since they were first up dur­ing the sec­ond half.  They began dis­cussing what they just saw which quick­ly turned into last minute reminders about all the lit­tle things they had been pol­ish­ing; Keep chore­og­ra­phy tight and togeth­er, remem­ber the scene changes, look for­ward… the list went on.

Going over some notes.

Going over some notes.

Music Director, Doug Burnner, giving last minute pointers and reminders.

Music Direc­tor, Doug Brun­ner, giv­ing last minute point­ers and reminders.

As the inter­mis­sion win­dow grew to a close, they formed a cir­cle for some last minute pep-talk about how far they have come and that regard­less of the out­come they already had learned so much from watch­ing the oth­ers.

Last minute song and chat before they go live.

Last minute song and chat before they go live.

When all was done, they head­ed for the stage door.

Heading for the stage door.

Head­ing for the stage door.

Begin round two: Nine-thir­ty pm.

After the host did the typ­i­cal read­ing of the group biog­ra­phy for intro­duc­tion, Buck That! ush­ered them­selves to the stage quick­ly, tak­ing their place to begin their set.

Their ener­gy was high and showed no fear or uncer­tain­ty about what was to hap­pen next.

While not flaw­less, their set exe­cu­tion was any­thing but bor­ing.  With each scene change and tran­si­tion they con­tin­ued to put their ener­gy at full and show­ing the world they were here to win.  The soloists were pas­sion­ate and engag­ing, and nev­er drowned by the back­ing voic­es.  Their set con­tin­ued to build ener­gy with the very end con­sist­ing of a well arranged mash up that con­sist­ed of all three songs they just per­formed which real­ly brought it home.

After the last note was sung, the audi­ence rang with applause which echoed their feel­ing of the per­for­mance.  Amaz­ing!  Each clap was filled with more than just plac­ing two hands togeth­er.  They were willed with enthu­si­asm and excite­ment, all wrapped into an engag­ing pow­er as each clap echoed what they had just felt from Buck Thats! per­for­mance.  The rest of the sec­ond half, while bet­ter than the first, went off with­out a hitch as each of the remain­ing groups also gave their all as they com­pet­ed for the cov­et­ed first and sec­ond place spots.

At 11:15pm, the results were final­ly in.  Kettering’s’ own Eleventh Hour had wowed the audi­ence for the past fif­teen min­utes while the scores were being tal­lied by the judges.  All groups joined the pro­duc­er on the stage to await the results.

First began the spe­cial awards:

Best Arrange­ment:  Doug Brun­ner of Buck That! for Kryp­tonite

Best Vocal Per­cus­sion: Meg Hick­ey of Rip Chords from the Uni­ver­si­ty of Illi­nois

Best Chore­og­ra­phy:  “Bud­dy” Gan­non of Buck That! for the entire set.

Actu­al Place­ment:

Sec­ond run­ner up (3rd Place): Michi­gan State Uni­ver­si­ty – State of Fifths

First run­ner up (2nd Place):  Uni­ver­si­ty of Illi­nois — Rip Chords

The Rip Chords were good and very deserv­ing of either first or sec­ond place so this was a no brain­er.  How­ev­er if they got sec­ond, the ques­tion still remained as to who got first because again, the evening did have quite a great num­ber of per­for­mances.  The room remained dead silent as the pro­duc­er removed the paper to read the name off the sheet…

First Place:  Buck That! of The Ohio State Uni­ver­si­ty.

Just like their per­for­mance over an hour pri­or, the crowed went crazy with enthu­si­asm.  While the oth­er groups began to ush­er them­selves off stage so the win­ning group could per­form a clos­ing num­ber, the look among the mem­bers of Buck That! was the equiv­a­lent of a deer in head­lights.  There was blank amaze­ment and sheer shock amongst them that result­ed in a sort of stam­mered stage pres­ence as the stage emp­tied.

As the last few peo­ple exit­ed the stage, Buck That! had momen­tar­i­ly over­come their emo­tion to con­gre­gate and per­form their clos­ing num­ber.

Performing their show closing number after the awards.

Per­form­ing their show clos­ing num­ber after the awards.

It was 11:30pm and the show was offi­cial­ly over.  Buck That! head­ed back to their room to begin gath­er­ing their belong­ings, share in emo­tion­al com­radery and pre­pare for the next stage of the jour­ney.  Before leav­ing the room, they pulled togeth­er to sing Car­men Ohio as a way to close this part of the night.

Emotions run high as they embrace and reflect on their win.

Emo­tions run high as they embrace and reflect on their win.

Hugs all around as their hard word payed off.

Hugs all around as their hard work payed off.

"Buddy" in excitement not only for the group, but also his win for best choreography.

Bud­dy” in excite­ment not only for the group, but also his win for best chore­og­ra­phy.


And back to Colum­bus for part three.

Leaving Kettering and heading back to Columbus.

Leav­ing Ket­ter­ing and head­ing back to Colum­bus.


90minutes after leaving, smiles still exist despite being 1:30am.

90minutes after leav­ing, smiles still exist despite being 1:30am.

1:30am:  Back in Colum­bus they recon­vened at the Ohio Union to pre­pare to sing for Buck­eyethon, a 24hr dance marathon for can­cer aware­ness and research.  Once all were togeth­er inside, they imme­di­ate­ly found their go-to per­son to begin prepa­ra­tions for the next per­for­mance at 2:00am.  At this point, there were no warm ups need­ed as they all still had mod­er­ate amounts of adren­a­line run­ning in their veins and were sure­ly singing in the cars on the dri­ve back.

2:00am:  Buck That! takes the stage for Buck­eyethon and opens just like they did hours ear­li­er, except now they went from hav­ing a set, to a win­ning set.  While not near­ly as per­fect as ear­li­er that evening, no one cared.  The room full of col­lege stu­dents (albeit most­ly females) ogled at the charis­mat­ic group on stage and sang along with each of the songs, scream­ing at them as if Buck That! were N’Sync and this was 1999.

Performing their set for Buckeyethon, enthusiasm is not lacking in the least.

Per­form­ing their set for Buck­eyethon, enthu­si­asm is not lack­ing in the least.

Rocking out "Poision" by Bel Biv Devoe.

Rock­ing out “Poi­sion” by Bel Biv Devoe.

Once done, every per­son in the venue was seem­ing­ly just as excit­ed, if not more, and con­tin­ued about their danc­ing as Buck That! exit­ed back into the hall­way.

2:20am:  Time for food.  Head­ing down to Sloopy’s, they final­ly sat down to rem­i­nisce about what an over­whelm­ing and fan­tas­tic day it has been. All through the day, regard­less of the three major events, they had also sung Hap­py Birth­day three times for three dif­fer­ent peo­ple, and also ser­e­nad­ed a girl who just wasn’t hav­ing a very good month.  All while, each time being asked, remained chip­per and nev­er said no.

What happens when a girl is feeling down? Buck That! happens.

What hap­pens when a girl is feel­ing down? Buck That! hap­pens.

Shows are all over, and nothing but a large smile from Buck That! President, D.W.

Shows are all over, and noth­ing but a large smile from Buck That! Pres­i­dent, D.W.

While eat­ing and chat­ting, they nev­er lost sight about what the real world brought them next; Home­work, rela­tion­ships, class project, it was nev­er end­ing.  They talked about the whole day like it was any oth­er.

With their day hav­ing drawn to a close, the mem­bers of Buck That! remained hum­ble.  Excite­ment about both the results of the day’s events, and what lay ahead for them was ram­pant among their minds.  As all was said and done, this was sure­ly a day they will nev­er for­get.

3:30am and the day is done.

3:30am and the day is done.