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Not a big update, but…

1)  Camp A-Cap­pel­la is one week away!  So much awe­some­ness about to go down next week.  Check out the Face­book Page for updates and info!

2)  Free Arrange­ments!  After enough hem­ming-and-haw­ing about whether or not I want­ed to call them com­plete, I final­ly just threw in the tow­el.  I am sure I will tweak them and change them around, but now they are free for the world to do what­ev­er they want.  Head over to the Sheet Music page to down­load them!

Now, back to your orig­i­nal pro­gram­ming.

Camp A Cappella to be hosted at The Ohio State University

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Two posts in one day?!  Just too excit­ed and need­ed to share.


One of the largest names in con­tem­po­rary A Cap­pel­la, Deke Shar­ron, is team­ing up with Ohios’ Brody McDon­ald to bring a week-full camp of aca-awe­some­ness.  What will there be to learn that week­end?  Just about every­thing aca-relat­ed.

While its pri­ma­ry focus is for any­one aged 14 to 18, there is even an option to reg­is­ter as a Direc­tor if you are over 18.

What are you still doing read­ing this?!  Go check it out and be sure to tell oth­ers.  Did I men­tion there is a refer­ral dis­count if you sign-up and get a friend to signup?!

When:  June 11th to 15th, 2013Where:  The Ohio State Uni­ver­si­ty — Colum­bus Cam­pus
Who: Ages 14–18, and 18+
Cost:  Find out!

If you have any ques­tions, head to their Con­tact Page.  Be sure to check­out their Face­book page for all the lat­est updates, includ­ing who the Coun­selors will be.

Wooster Jam!

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While not direct­ly and only A Cap­pel­la, Woost­er Jam! is just about two weeks out.  All kinds of music awe­some­ness will be hap­pen­ing on Sat­ur­day, April 13th at the Wayne Coun­ty Fair­grounds.  In addi­tion to all of the music-awe­some­ness, there an A Cap­pel­la com­pe­ti­tion, dubbed Voice­Fest from 2pm to 6pm!

For more infor­ma­tion, check out their site, Face­book page, and fol­low them on Twit­ter!

Mister Tim is coming to Ohio

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The first of many posts this week; Mis­ter Tim!


Mister Tim


The extreme­ly tal­ent­ed and mul­ti­fac­eted Mis­ter Tim will trav­el­ing through Ohio in May!  In addi­tion to his already sched­uled show at Mace­do­nia High School, he is look­ing for oth­er coach­ing and/or per­for­mance oppor­tu­ni­ties around the state.  The dates he is avail­able cur­rent­ly are May 13–15, 18–22

If you are a school or group and would like some coach­ing, or a venue that would like to book Mis­ter Tim for a show, you can send him an email [email protected].  If you need more direct con­tact, please send me an email and I can pro­vide more direct con­tact infor­ma­tion.

In the mean­time, be sure to check out his videos!

Still around!

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So I got an email ear­li­er this week ask­ing if we were still around since there haven’t been many posts or updates to the site or Face­book page since last sum­mer. Good news; Yes, we are still active! Bad news; I ate all my piz­za-rolls so now I am post­ing this. 🙂

Last year was a busy year for me per­son­al­ly so keep­ing tabs on all that was going on was a bit much. I mean, I at least should have post­ed some­thing about Pitch Per­fect (aca-i’m-sorry!).

Any­way, this year looks like it has a lot going for A Cap­pel­la and many good things in Ohio. While I am not going to say I will have more time than last year, I will say I am going to make more of an effort to post things more often. Be on look out specif­i­cal­ly this week for a hand­ful of posts and news arti­cles because at least one will be pret­ty awe­some.

In the mean­time, here is an arti­cle that popped up in my news feed thanks to Deke Sharon. While I won’t admit to how many of them I per­son­al­ly can attest to, it is fun­ny none-the-less.


If you have some­thing you ques­tions or some­thing to share, send us a mes­sage on our Face­book page or send me an email: [email protected] !